Corbinfisher – Kenny Taps Truman’s Ass

Truman’s settled in quite nicely at CF, and is already building up a big following! That buff body, hot face and boyish demeanor certainly don’t hurt and make him a great fit here. He’s also proven himself to be very open, very easygoing, friendly, and gets along with the other guys well. I can honestly say Truman’s a pleasure to have around!
If anyone wasn’t sold on Truman initially, they certainly were after we all got to see him in action with Brayden! He looked hot as hell as he pumped Brayden’s ass with that hot cock of his, and Truman showed off he has what it takes to be a real star here! Now, though, Truman takes things to the next level as he gets that hot ass of his fucked!
Truman knew this day was coming when he first agreed to do any guy/guy action for us. As with all of the guys bottoming for the first time, there were some nerves and he was a bit anxious. Truman’s easygoing attitude helped out, though, as he’s just the kind of guy who eagerly leaps in to new things feet first and is always up for an adventure. As things got started here, I think the way Kenny goes about getting Truman’s hole prepped really helped make the experience a pleasurable one. Kenny gently massages Truman for awhile, then plays with his hole while Truman grips the sheets and tenses up with each touch and poke. Soon, though, Truman is on his hands and knees getting his ass fucked deep, and the look on his face while that happens is priceless.
Eventually, Truman blows his load all over himself. Kenny follows that up with his own load that completely drenches Truman! And I have to say it – as sexy as Truman is, he looks even sexier when totally covered in his and Kenny’s loads!

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